Universal Physics Journal

Article I:  The Reality of Newton's Inertia
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:  October 1, 2000
Revision Date:     January 25, 2015


  Is Newton's understanding of inertia real or imaginary? The conclusion opens the door to a far better understanding of the mutual action and reaction forces that are always present during the activity of acceleration, and always absent when acceleration comes to an end.

Article II:  The Equality of Rest and
Uniform Motion
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:  October 24, 2000
Revision Date:      October 01, 2008

  The inactive state of an object at rest is
compared to the state of an object in uniform
motion to determine if the object in uniform motion is equally inactive.
  The concept of rest-motion is introduced.

Article III:  The Equality of Opposing
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: December 24, 2000
Revision Date:                 July 6, 2003

  Is it possible to push or pull harder or softer upon an object than the object pushes or pulls in return?  The answer to this basic question sets aside the "net" force theory regarding how forces cause the acceleration of matter.
  Introducing the Universal Law of Mutual Forces.

Article IV:  The Nature of Force
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: February 16, 2001
Revision Date:   December 16, 2009

  What is force?  Concepts introduced are internal, external, origination, termination, stacking, acceleration/Reaction, the central-object-perspective, and four general types for force.

Article V: The Mutual Force Rule
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:    April 26, 2001
Revision Date:  February 22, 2004
Is the Mutual Force Rule, whereby opposing pairs of mutual forces are professed to always affect different objects and therefore never to affect the same object, valid or invalid?  This often-used rule places strict limits upon our ability to understand the nature of the forces present during accelerative events.     

Article VI:  Gravitation = Acceleration?
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:    April 26, 2001
Revision Date: November 8, 2008
    Answering the equivalence question: "Is a gravitational event the same as an accelerational event, or are they examples of two different events?" 

Article VII: The Nature of Time
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: May 02, 2001
Revision Date:   August 8, 2001
    Is time really so complex that only a scholar with extensive training in modern physics can possibly hope to understand time?  Or is the truth about time better found in the minds of people in the general population?  These questions form the focus of this article which takes us right down to the very moment of our existence.  Introducing the concepts of the Universal Present, present-moment and present-time.           

Article VIII: Universal Gravitation
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:      May 22, 2002
Revision Date: December 12, 2004    
    How could both Galileo and Newton, while in possession of two of the best scientific minds ever to have existed on Earth, possibly be wrong about their common understanding and recognition of gravitation as a force?  Come follow me on this quest to restore truth and honor to each of their life's work while advancing the cause of  Universal Physics.

Article IX: Galileo's Law of Constant Acceleration
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: September 9, 2002
Revision Date:   
    Galileo Galilei studied the acceleration rates of accelerating objects like no other scientist.  His experiments revealed some simple mathematical truths that have become generally ignored in modern physics.  As a tribute to Galileo, I propose we revisit the findings of Galileo's Law of  Constant Acceleration.

Article X: Universal Physics Rules for Force & Motion
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: November 18, 2002
Revision Date:           March 08, 2004 
    The challenge of Article X is to write, for the science of Universal Physics, a set of rules for force and motion that will be effective in predicting all manner of Universal events while at the same time preventing the development and growth of misunderstandings.

Article XI: Reaction Forces
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:   June 8, 2003
Revision Date: August 02, 2010



   What is a reaction force?  Why are its properties or characteristics during accelerational events so badly misunderstood as to render this common force "fictitious" or "imaginary" in the minds of today's physicists?  Come follow me as together we will endeavor to restore, as real and true, this ordinary everyday force whose existence has generally baffled the minds of our best experts, past and present.

Article XII: Weight
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: To be announced...
Revision Date: October 29, 2011
    It is traditional to define weight in gravitational terms as if gravitation is the sole cause of the reading on the scale.  Yet most are aware that non-gravitational forces along with the activity of acceleration almost always influences the outcome when an object is being weighed.  Perhaps now is a good time to take a close look into the fine details regarding the true causes of  an object's weight.