Universal Physics Journal

      Article I:  The Reality of Newton's Inertia   Question 1:  How is acceleration caused if not by an unbalanced force?
     Article II:  The Equality of Rest and Uniform Motion   Question 2:  Why does gravity behave so forcefully at times?
    Article III:  The Equality of Opposing Forces     Question 3:  Would a non-rotating Earth still bulge? 
    Article IV:  The Nature of Force    Question 4:  Does A.C.E. disprove the a/R force of matter? 
     Article V:  The Mutual Force Rule    Question 5:  Is centrifugal force real?
    Article VI:  Gravitation = Acceleration?   Question 5:  Addendum 
   Article VII:  The Nature of Time      Question 6:  What is kinetic energy's role during braking?
  Article VIII:  Universal Gravitation     Question 7:  What is curved space?
    Article IX:  Galileo's Law of Fall       Question 8:  What causes Earth's dual high tides?
     Article X:  Universal Physics Rules for Force and Motion   Question 9:  Will you help me fill in the blanks?
    Article XI:  Reaction Forces  Question 10:  The direction of the pendulum's overall force is... ?
  Question 11:  Is not inertia the reason for objects same rate-of-fall?  
    Event 1:  Balancing a Broom Handle Question 12:  Do Newton's laws hold true in accelerating frames?
  Question 13:  How wrong is the bowling ball-rubber sheet model?
  Question 14:  Is centrifugal acceleration real?
    Event 4:  The Physics of a Tornado   Question 15:  Quarter mile drags + lightened flywheel = improved times. Why?
    Event 5:  The Physics of Earth's Tides Question 17: When two objects with different weights are dropped, why does the
                    heavy one accelerate at the same rate toward the Earth as the lighter one?