Universal Physics Journal


Event 1:  Balancing a Broom Handle
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: November 19, 2009
Revision Date:

  Event 1 is the first of a Three-Event series.  The ultimate goal of this series is to provide a full understanding of the forces present when one rounds a turn while operating a bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, SUV, or pickup truck.  Once an understanding of the forces present during such events is reached, the effect of lowering the center of gravity of four-wheeled vehicles will be investigated with both performance and safety aspects in mind.  The series begins with balancing, by hand, an ordinary broom handle.  Locate a typical shop broom, unscrew the long handle and you are ready to begin.

Event 2:  Balancing a Turning Bicycle or Motorcycle
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date:  To be announced...
Revision Date:

  The second in this Three-Event series is one where our attention is focused on the forces present as a cyclist rounds a horizontal turn in the road at a steady rate of speed.  All of the forces present in Event 1, with its falling broom handle, are equally present in Event 2 so be sure not to skip the reading of Event 1.  Here bicycle and motorcycle performance and safety techniques will be considered.  If you ride for sport or pleasure, Event 2 is for you.    (A work in progress.)

Event 3:  A Turning Auto or SUV
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: To be announced...
Revision Date: 

  In this final of our Three-Event series, I will give safety and performance considerations some attention while cornering a four-wheeled vehicle.  How much safer is a lowered SUV or pickup?  What performance differences can one expect with the installation of stiffer sway bars?   Does a longer vehicle wheelbase have an overall effect upon vehicle safety?  I'll try to rustle up some appropriate vendor links to those manufacturers whose aftermarket products can bring safety and performance improvements to the vehicles you already own.  Are you considering the purchase of a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)?  Event 3 is a must read, but not before reading Events 1 and 2.  No cheating.   (A work in progress.)

Event 4:  The Physics Of A Tornado
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: July 28, 2004
Revision Date: August 12, 2004

     A tornado is a vortex of air that, upon touch down, can result is unimaginable destruction.  The rotating vortex of air has been recorded to reach speeds of over 300 miles per hour.  As depicted in the movie "Twister", attempts to understand the physics of a tornado have been ongoing for decades.  Yet no clear description of how a tornado functions has surfaced.   I propose we have an open look at the function of a tornado from a Universal Physics perspective.  Perhaps one of the outcomes of Event 4 will be a better understanding of how to modify a home so it will retain its roof as a tornado passes quickly overhead.   

Event 5: The Physics of Earth's Tides
Author:  Ethan Skyler
Publication Date: June 17, 2009
Revision Date: August 08, 2009
  Even though all tidal elements are known, fitting these elements together in a logical manner that is true to Nature has proved to be an elusive goal.  With the Universal Physics Force Investigation Toolbox in hand, let's wade right in to see if we can recognize and understand exactly how different types of forces combine to cause Earth's dual high tides.

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