Universal Physics Journal

    The purpose of  the Universal Physics Journal is to provide an arena wherein the core concepts of Classical Physics, known as Classical Mechanics may be analyzed, and on a case by case basis, be confirmed, improved, or set aside with the results being published in article form. During this process, the confirmed or corrected concepts will be incorporated into the new science of Universal Physics.  As each article is dated and posted here in the Universal Physics Journal, recognize that it is hereby published to a world-wide audience.

Reality Test
    The several articles and questions published in the Universal Physics Journal are written in a style acceptable to a general audience.  But make no mistake, the content of each article is designed to withstand the highest level of challenge.  The Universal Physics Journal is where physics students of all grades come to test the strength of their conceptual training.  Here each and every concept must pass a reality test before being deemed acceptable.  No concept gains acceptance merely on the basis of it historical tradition, the authority of its author, or its widespread popularity.  Each concept granted a place in Universal Physics stands firmly upon its own merit.

Copyright Policy
    The copyright to articles posted in the Universal Physics Journal is retained by the author.  To authors interested in publication here, know that the Universal Physics Journal only requires a "Permission to Publish" agreement signed by the author.  This arrangement leaves the author free to publish all or portions of the content of the author's article elsewhere at any time with the only stipulation being that the author agrees to make no reference to the Universal Physics Journal without prior written approval if any change or omission is made to the author's work following its publication in the Universal Physics Journal.

The Universal Physics Journal is an on-line Internet publication owned by Ethan and Ryan E. Skyler.  Readers world-wide are invited to review the articles published herein and to send in their comments, suggestions and support.