Universal Physics Journal
Question 8: What causes Earth's dual high tides?

Hello Ethan:  I have read that the greater high tide on the moon side of the earth is caused by attraction of the water toward the moon while the lesser high tide on the opposite side of earth is caused by that water lagging behind in earth's acceleration around the center of mass it shares with the Moon.  I think this comes from Newton's theories.  Do you think this is the correct cause of these high tides?   Walter E.,  Vancouver BC, Canada.

Hello Walter:
    While not the whole truth, your description of the cause of Earth's tides is a pretty good one. For a deeper understanding of the cause of Earth's tides, you have to consider the different characteristics of the forces at work, not only those forces affecting the water but also those affecting Earth's solid matter as well.

    Please access Event 5: "The Physics of Earth's Tides" for a look at the outcome when our Universal Physics understanding of forces is applied to Earth's tidal events.